Monday, July 13, 2009

A day in my life.

I thought it would be fun to show you what a day in my life looks like. 

Each morning I begin my day with 2 cups of instant coffee and fruit. 

Then I jump on my trusty bike and head off to school.

On Mondays and Tuesdays my ride to school takes about 13 minutes and I absolutely love it! 

My desk at my small school.

The calm before the storm.


After school I usually play a game or two of volleyball with the students then head home. The ride home takes longer because it is H O T. But it is still beautiful.

Once home I drink about a gallon of water and cool down, read a book in the hammock, cuddle with the kittens, just relax until about 5 pm. This is the hardest part of my day... deciding what to have for dinner. Lately I have been cooking for myself and usually I have to go to the market to get supplies.

My Market! 
The stands on the outside are cooked food. There is grilled chicken, a noodle stand, a couple places that make Thai dishes (curries, vegetable dishes), a pork salad stand, a few fruit stands and the best dessert stand in Thailand.

Inside you can buy fresh veggies, raw meats, eggs, garlic, sugar, fermented fish, and all sorts of things you would never think to eat.

Live frogs.

I buy my veggies from this beautiful lady. 

This guy makes the absolute BEST desserts. 

My favorite is these little green balls with a sugar sauce on top. The one in the middle.

She makes thai dishes and sometimes I buy them but mostly I go to her to buy sticky rice and chili sauce. 

Ahhh fruit. I pick up some fruit. Mangosteens are my favorite the purple ones 3 fruit back. 

While I was taking pictures of the fruit this nice man asked if I would sit and have some dessert with him. 

The dessert ended up being green and purple jellys with ice and milk.

I cook and eat my food. This one is my current FAVORITE bamboo with chili sauce, fried egg and sticky rice. 

I do the dishes.

After dinner I usually go over to my neighbor Aunt Nang's house and sit with her while she cooks. Some times I have a second dinner and sometimes we just have fruit. 

I spend some time with my favorite person, Mein.

I shower and then pour myself into bed around 9pm.

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Erik said...

your cat in the last picture is colored almost exactly like my cat here.